Hill 256

Kirby sees a machine gun firing from the hill, he runs for cover and is court-martialed. No-one else saw or heard it.

Saunders and Caje run a risky operation behind German lines to prove the machine gun was there. The platoon had been hacked by artillery, Kirby was picked up quailing with nausea in a ditch by a sergeant “so conditioned to being brave,” Saunders observes, “he couldn’t even see the danger.”

The sergeant has a tale to tell of a similar case in Normandy and “seven good men rotting because he got jelly in his craw.”

Komack handles this efficiently all the way to the POV flashback in a long shot of the verdant hill with flashes and smoke just visible. Moessinger introduces it with two children bouncing a ball, accosted by a third, then Saunders and Caje walk into the shot smartened up for military justice.