The St. Louis Story
The Untouchables

Two warring gangsters are approached by a third with a proposal of peace through organization. One is killed for refusing, the other two combine, until the second heists a mail truck, staying the courier with appointed rounds, and is himself killed. The “conservative, sociable and respectable” owner of “the finest restaurant in St. Louis”, the Jockey Club, now runs the mob there.

The racetrack motif runs throughout, the first gangster is shot on the track at night, running from a hit man’s car, and falls through the inside rail. The restaurateur dies the same way in his car, shot by police, “an also-ran”.


The Frank Nitti Story
The Untouchables

Nitti took over the Capone mob by force at the beginning of the first season, here he comes to his end with the repeal of Prohibition and a last gasp of protection for “small independent theater owners”, one at a time. Acid, bombings, vandalism and violence are his methods, it’s surprisingly fast, soon he moves on the Star Theater chain, demanding a fortune up front and 5% of the gross.

Variety breaks the story, the national news picks it up, the reporter is beaten. Ness obtains two witnesses for the grand jury, Nitti starts to head for the Coast. A mob council summons him for judgment, he’s used “muscle instead o’ brains”, slammed fists and thumbs down are his doom. He flees, Ness pursues him down into a subway station. Amid the gun battle, Nitti loses his balance and falls on the tracks. A passing train does him in.