Bulldog Drummond Comes Back

Captain Drummond needs a rhyme for “married”, Phyllis Clavering is kidnapped, tortuous clues lead Drummond back and forth to find her, rather like a poet at his verse, or Drummond two hours at his.

“Feathery,” meaning for the birds, Tenny calls it.

Boris Badenov and Natasha are practically invented for this purpose.


Bulldog Drummond’s Revenge

Living well, marrying Phyllis Clavering in Geneva. She doesn’t approve of his antics.

En route, haxtonite and its inventor fall from the sky, in the charge of an assistant (From Russia with Love) wearing women’s clothes (Thunderball).

A foreign agent is waiting to meet the boat-train from Dover with its cargo of ultra-high explosives.


Bulldog Drummond in Africa

The ferocious aides-mémoires kept chained by a master spy in Spanish Morocco are lions to devour the prey.

Even a failed plan is grist to his mill, he sells and forgets.

Col. Nielson is kidnapped willingly to sort the fellow out at last, it’s a near thing.

Capt. Drummond has himself hemmed in to effect a marriage, Phyllis Clavering stumbles on the abduction and accompanies him to the criminal’s lair.

“Dirling whervishes” are a feature of the entertainment.