From Soup to Nuts

A really superb little study, especially noteworthy for displaying the skill of Oliver Hardy and a gag (said to have been improvised from a script indication) by Anita Garvin, of the discreet charms of the bourgeoisie, and something of a foundation for El Ángel exterminador in its satire of prigs whose cake needs cutting.

Mr. Hardy’s pratfall into a cake is a perfect demonstration of slapstick at its finest. Garvin’s improvisation on a fruit cocktail, which she is unable to eat because the grapes evade her spoon and her tiara keeps slipping down over her eyes, is justly celebrated as a pièce de résistance.


You’re Darn Tootin

Two disharmonious musicians (Stan, Ollie) are ejected from the brass band, take to the streets and start a ruckus.

With pants off everywhere, the musicians escape in a single commodious set of trousers.