Angels on Ice
Charlie’s Angels

“Dissidents from the undergrounds of six Arab countries” infiltrate an ice show in Los Angeles, cast, crew and security guards, to assassinate oil sheiks during a performance amidst an OPEC meeting.

Kelly undercover does a belly dance for appreciative conspirators, one of whom (Timothy Carey) observes, “Tomorrow our country will be in the hands of true patriots.”

Kris is a clown on skates, Sabrina works the crowd. The big number is danced with flags and muskets (surreptitiously converted into automatic weapons). Phil Silvers runs the show, Jim Backus tends the equipment, Edward Andrews is a wino up a tree who descends to beg alms from the entering sheiks and is balked by their bodyguards.


Angels in Vegas
Charlie’s Angels

Somebody’s doing the dirt on a Vegas hotelier, “this is a clean house,” he won it in a crap game (3 days/3 nights).

The lounge singer sees his own wife die, a dancer, longing for an affair with the boss. Various crimes redound from this, and a plot to beat the house with a handheld computer.

The odds are played on Don’t Pass. “Sooner or later,” says the hotelier, dice in hand, “you have to be a believer.”

Dean Martin has the role, a dapper and sophisticated man whose name is Frank.