Nieuwe Gronden

New polders for the Zuider Zee, a plan conceived in 1920 and completed in 1932.

The land reclaimed.

Put to wheat, harvest.

“However, the world’s wheat isn’t grown for food but for speculation.”

The market for wheat collapses, the grain’s thrown back into the sea, with an exhortation.


The Spanish Earth

King Vidor’s Our Daily Bread against the Axis, two out of three.

Casa de Velazquez. The Duke of Alba’s palace.

The defense of Madrid.

Air raid (see Guernica).

I can’t read German, either.”

Dead Italians meant for Ethiopia.

Rebel attack on the Valencia road.


Miró’s views of Spain. Cf. Ophuls’ The Troubles We’ve Seen (Veillées d’armes), Clayton’s Naples Is a Battlefield.

Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much figures in the fight at University City.