Ulcer at Work

A psychiatric treatment with a classic presentation (cf. Pabst’s Geheimnisse einer Seele). The ambitious junior executive is plagued by insecurity, his talent and ability are out of joint with his anticipation and dread.

Antacid, milk and a less strenuous engagement at work lead with this understanding to a healthier, saner man and more productivity on the job.

A University of Oklahoma production for the State Department of Health.


Stark Fear

A grand analysis of Hitchcock’s Psycho along the lines of a case study, a tale of OMEX in decline and PEMEX drilling abroad, of Kane and Winslow, “only graveyard in these parts got a Comanche dance ground next door”, the point being that the woman in question, though brutalized, finds her feet in dubious psychological territory.

“The way I see it, some women just shouldn’t oughta drink, but BOY, ain’t you glad some of ‘em do?

Heisler’s Tulsa has a parlay with the inner structure (a feigned past in Pennsylvania), a film that famously finds its way into Huston’s The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean.