The Saint in Palm Springs

“My dear Henry, if your Mr. Peter Johnson is carrying two hundred thousand dollars in cash, you’d better send him in an armored truck.”

“Oh, it isn’t in cash, it’s in postage stamps.”

“Well, then you’ll need two armored trucks.”

Thus one absconds from the advancing Nazis, whence beyond any shadow of doubt Charade (dir. Stanley Donen).

“It’s a very nice country really, of course there are some citizens who carry their cupidity to unpleasant extremes.”

S.S. Monrovia to New York, train to California, with a lady.

“In the meantime, no crime-inology!”

Quite so. “Chief, I’ve been so good it’s been monogamous.”

A very brutal gang of thugs. “Rudimental, Saint. I just figured it out!” Roy Webb accompanies the examination of suspects at the Twin Palms (settings Van Nest Polglase, gowns Renié, screenplay Jerome Cady, cinematography Harry Wild).

Absolutely one of the funniest things on film, a dirty business as well. “Meet me at the Giant Joshua at midnight.”

Bosley Crowther of the New York Times found a “sluggish plot...obviously the screenwriters” had “taken a vacation, too.”

The Catholic News Service Media Review Office, “weak series entry”.

Leonard Maltin, “coasting by this point.”

Criticism is the very devil, a brilliant film on the face of it, the beautiful structure leaves the anonymous gang unaccounted for and no critic noticed.


Appointment in Tokyo

The Japanese military advances, MacArthur in Australia, Nimitz in Hawaii, the many battles fought to reach the Philippines, the Battle of Leyte, the Battle of Leyte Gulf, the Battle of Manila, extensive footage.

On to “the last beachhead” and the surrender of Japan.

Crowther (New York Times) objected to the film as “strangely grandiose... melodramatic... artificial... questionable, too.”