Der ewige Jude

The Polish ghettoes.

Werker’s The House of Rothschild.

These phenomena are subjected to infantile analysis, a mere ruse. The National Socialist Workers’ Party lays it to the back of the workingman, describing itself very accurately as a plague and an infestation of rats, and speaking of “tactics” for enslavement... “At the start of the twentieth century,” Jews are 1% of... but...

Thus a very comical film, charming figures of Polish Jewry, George Arliss, Nazi nutballs. “New York is today’s chief center of Jewish power” (cf. Wyler’s Counsellor at Law). The Jew as “parasite”, which considering the source is not so funny. “The Jews saw their chance. Just like loyal citizens they stepped forward, as though deeply concerned about the fate of the German people.” Weimar, “the Jewish mind of Karl Marx.” Thus the Nazi method. “Although they were a small minority, they knew how to terrorize a great tolerant nation.” And here is precisely the Allied argument, exemplified in Hitchcock’s Lifeboat, only in reverse, the Germans were disunified, the Jews “all had a common goal.” Jews don’t like to work, it’s said, that’s for Aryans.  A very useful film, with its statistics on Jewish assimilation and no measurement of Nazi domination. Wealth of Jews, poverty of Germans (in Poland, the opposite).

“Jews are most dangerous when permitted to meddle in a people’s culture, religion, and art, and pronounce their insolent judgement on them” (Wagner’s name is taken in vain, this is a Goebbels production). Classical Greek art, here identified with “Nordic beauty”, is not understood by Jews, “and will always remain so.”

Modern art in the past tense (as Telly Savalas says in Dearden’s The Assassination Bureau, “you’re not an assassin, you’re a critic”). Juvenile stuff. Nazis, guardians of morality. “The relativity Jew... his obscure pseudo sciences.” Material for a laugh fest, right up the Lubitschstraße. “The Jew is instinctively interested in everything abnormal and depraved. He seeks possibilities of disrupting a people’s healthy judgement.” Lang’s M.

Purim in Poland. “Today’s Israelites hide their murderous nature.” The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Moses, idealized by benevolent German painters. “The politics of a parasitic race must be carried on in secret.”

A very rich feast, endlessly quotable, “the so-called Holy Ark,” for example. Hora Hajum, Verse 290,” and so forth.

“This is not a religion! It’s a conspiracy against all non-Jews by a sick, deceitful, poisoned race,” the Nazi confession, pure and simple.

Again, “the Jewish so-called religion... the following actual scenes are among the most horrifying ever captured. We show them despite objections about poor taste” (Hitler was a vegetarian, folks). “Sensitive citizens are advised not to watch.” Russell has this in Dance of the Seven Veils. The best of Earth is sacrificed to God, in Nazi Germany the opposite is true, “die Wahrheit über das Judentum”. Kosher slaughter, “the National Socialist movement has opposed this cruel torture of defenseless animals since its earliest days.” It makes you want to beat some sense into one, “the well-known German love of animals... the Jews... their cruel torture of innocent and defenseless animals unpunished... a race that hides its senseless brutality behind the facade of pious religious customs,” etc. Hitler passes laws (cp. Le Sang des bêtes, dir. Georges Franju).

“The destruction of the Jewish race in Europe.” Hitlerjugend. Wehrmacht.