Tell it to the Marines

“So you are going to join the Marine Corps?”

“The Marines think I am... but they’re all damp!” Off to the races (Tia Juana) and back again. “Are you the Marine Corpse?”

“No! I’m the fellow who killed the Dead Sea!” Siodmak expands the running in Custer of the West.

A director of genius, with a screenplay and actors to match (Robert Israel’s score might have been supplied by M-G-M).

Cp. The Leather Necker (dir. Arthur Ripley), also Tars and Stripes (dir. Charles Lamont). The girl is a Navy nurse, which is the basis of a venerable joke.

The brawl on Tondo Island is, for all its brevity, one of the great movie fights. In China, a tale of banditry, “he say open doors or he break them down.”

“Tell him to go to hell!” The Marines by sea and air at Hangchow.

Mordaunt Hall of the New York Times, “quite astutely drawn.” Leonard Maltin, “the story is predictable.” Sandra Brennan (All Movie Guide), “a nice blend of comedy, adventure and romance.” Halliwell’s Film Guide, “lively war action piece”.