Farewell Friend

A character study of two demobbed Foreign Legionnaires, one American, one “a drunk and a tightwad”.

The American is a mercenary “of losing wars”, the other is a doctor. Does one go to the Congo?

The doctor isn’t interested, the mercenary peddles a “doll” to the rich and robs them.

A couple of lesbians need two patsies for a safecracking job (“Dr. Mozart promised”) that unfortunately kills a security guard.

The two antagonistic Legionnaires pull the job, one for the cash, one as a favor to a girl who needs to put something of value in the safe.

Finally, a policier wrapping up the case.

One of the girls is named Austerlitz, her nickname is Waterloo. Her father is convalescing in Switzerland.

The satire is very extensive and resolved in a paradoxical understanding between the patsies (Charles Bronson, Alain Delon).

Adieu l’ami, Honor Among Thieves.