Orde Wingate

Wingate of Israel, Wingate of Ethiopia, remembered by Major-General Wingate running the Burma campaign, where no resistance is available to him.

Lawrence is “a distant cousin” with recognizable features.

The black-and-white film camera on location merges with battle footage, the color television camera (which grades into black-and-white in a culminating scene) gives abstracted theatrical views on a sound stage.

The Biblical citations are given an inspired understanding, notably Job 40:14.


The Tale of Beatrix Potter

A well-brought-up young girl with a knack and a love of the Lake District, a talented young lady, brilliant even.

The circumstances of her life and her famous books (like Virginia Woolf and Lord Byron, she published herself to begin with, having in her case been rejected per the regular form).

North Country gone soft in the South with plenty of money, her family is described so from a certain point of view. The adversities resemble those of Emily Dickinson, who did not write for children and only incidentally published and did not sell “like hotcakes”.


Quartermaine’s Terms

The life and death of a novel, stillborn even in extract, constitute the terms of Quartermaine’s existence.

Although there is a good deal of criticism within the play, directed at philistines and wankers such as Henry Windscape, who finds in Lang’s M a sympathetic portrayal of a sex murderer and in Renoir’s La Règle du jeu a cultured and humane evening, the pointed tragedy is that of the artist manqué and not so much for himself as for something else.

Species of criticism are altogether satirized as well, the muse as literal mistress, the great past as Philology Professor at Cambridge and one’s mother, that sort of thing.

The various impedimenta raise a comic horde of inventions impeccably performed by a great cast.