Andy’s Vacation
The Andy Griffith Show

An escaped convict is captured by the state police and held in the Mayberry jail for the nonce. Deputy Fife is in charge, Gomer helps out while Sheriff Taylor has gone fishing.

Barney and Gomer debate the matter, behind their backs the convict takes the keys and slips out.

Andy captures him, Barney and Gomer release him by mistake, Barney captures Andy, Gomer captures Barney, Andy captures the convict a second time, telling his two deputies sternly, “you beat everything, you know that?”


The Good Skate
That Girl

A campaign on roller skates for a bottled drink aimed at the youth market.

One must be able to fake the skating, personality is all.

The boyfriend is a bolster for that but acting in the two-shots is not his strong suit (he writes).

Thus little bits of business get accomplished or not.


Black and White and Read All Over
That Girl

Donald’s novel, City of Strangers, “trashy”, her father calls it. A dozen publishers want nothing to do with it, anyway.

Then there’s one that does, and the girl is of an age.

The marriage of true minds, as a literary proposition, or from the vantage point of art.