Come and Get It

A distinct influence on Welles is apparent in Citizen Kane and the counterpoison, The Magnificent Ambersons.

A sort of Stroheim spectacle, the wrong choice made, with a comeuppance.

The initial situation resembles McLaglen, Armstrong and Brooks (Arnold, Brennan and Farmer) in Hawks’ A Girl in Every Port.

The achievement as ascribed to Samuel Goldwyn in Frank S. Nugent’s New York Times review, with These Three and Dodsworth (“chalk up another hit”).

Time Out Film Guide regards this as “minor Hawks” diluted by Wyler.

“Disappointingly conventional” in Halliwell’s Film Guide.

The contributions of Richard Rosson and Alfred Newman are quite inspired.

The richest man in Wisconsin, how he got that way.

The clumsy lad in the lumber camp mess hall and the band percussionist’s triangle later on are both thematic.