Robinson Crusoe

Everyone knows the famous spoonerism once uttered inadvertently by a radio announcer who introduced Dickens’ immortal tale, A Sale of Two Titties.

Two directors worked on this, a fellow named Hardy and another named Miller. One of them, Hardy or Miller, is a genius who avails himself of his New Guinea locations with pictures that do not make you regret Bu˝uel, and the other is a hack who retails every shoddy practice suckers pay good money for at the box office, from “slo-mo” action to projectile POV. And so therein a certain dilemma mysteriously is depicted, that of exile from the New Economy or the New World Order or what have you (even from New Hollywood, if you please, gentle reader, and can conceive of such a place at all in your mind or elsewhere, under any circumstances whatsoever, whithersoever it be, eh?).