Oedipus Rex

Yeats’ Sophocles, Guthrie’s staging, Stratford Festival of Canada.

This means a set of intricate problems for the poet, the singing voice must then be found by the players, a suggestion of dancing or of ritualized movement, in short a complete analysis, and then Guthrie has to shape all of that as a film.

Peter Brook handles this sort of thing as well.

Bosley Crowther of the New York Times acknowledged “a jewel of great price,” all the while lamenting “a lot of action is missed”, a real dullard. Aaron Cohen (Village Voice) felt the same way, “a noble effort.”

Tirasius, “I may seem mad to you but your parents thought me sane.”

Kubrick, who engaged Guthrie’s messenger for Hal, certainly remembers the title character’s recounted rage in 2001: A Space Odyssey (“I killed them ALL”).

The King of Thebes, “I think myself the child of good luck!”

The herdsman, “alas, I am on the edge of dreadful words.”

The chorus, “there is no man blessed amongst men.”

Creon, “you won the mastery, but could not keep it to the end.”

Pauline Kael promotes Irving Lerner to co-director and intensifies Crowther’s view.