Addio fratello crudele

So many are the artificial remedies for love, Resnais records one in Pas sur la bouche, for example, this is ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore transmuted into Italian.

In Chicago (Ebert, Sun-Times) the opinion was, “as a movie it’s hard to take seriously.”

“Sonorous opera” (Tom Milne, Time Out Film Guide), etc.


The Driver’s Seat

A trip to the South, in a cloth of many colors. Not the macrobiotic dieter with the daily orgasm, not the amorous garage mechanic, not the English lord with his tales of hunting (and not the sheik) but the timid fellow passenger on the Alitalia flight is presented with the gift of a murder weapon in the park of the Villa Borghese.

The case and the investigation proceed simultaneously by intercutting.

The Villa Borghese because, perhaps, Jorge Luis Borges wrote something similar in a way (“El Sur”), distantly.

A negligible critical response would appear to have transpired.