Laviamoci il cervello

“Il pollo ruspante”, the cumulative point of the exercise is to see (as explicitly in Questi’s La morte ha fatto l’uovo) the end of consumer society in a subtly, tightly controlled mesh of deliberate practice upon the lives of people, a satire that goes far back and far forward as well, to a time when “the free-range chicken” should be at a premium in the marketplace.

Even Topo Gigio is a pawn in the mercantile Gehenna, even he wants you to buy the latest television and get his tail out of a sling, it’s all too much for any man with kids who “love this”, as Mel Brooks’ Yogurt says in Spaceballs, all some idiot’s promulgation of marketing theory.

Following on Ro’s “Illibatezza”, Go’s “Il nuovo mondo”, and Pa’s “La ricotta”, the end of the world, Let’s Get Brainwashed.