Mother’s Deadly Helper
Hawaii Five-O

A great study of the vigilante, “Mother’s Helper”, who takes the law into his own hands to help McGarrett and Five-O wipe out scofflaws in a weakened justice system, and who by day operates a downtown Honolulu penny arcade.


Killer at Sea
Hawaii Five-O

There is an extraordinary preponderance of investigation established without result, leading to an inexorable conclusion, and this can’t be stated too firmly. A cruise ship is the venue for a scrutiny of everyone, absolutely everyone, in quest of a congressman’s killer and successful bank robber whose hostage is unable to identify him on board, having engaged the man to hold him at gunpoint so as to rob his own clients’ accounts.

Gail Strickland as a reporter points to the device by simply inquiring into the ad hoc novelty of it. John Byner as a nightclub comic has a running commentary in terms of his act, evidently modeled on George Carlin.


Bones of Contention
Hawaii Five-O

The fossil remains of Peking Man (Sinanthropus pekinensis) are found by Five-O to have been placed in the grave of a Pearl Harbor casualty two days after the attack and kept for subsequent sale to an American professor acting on behalf of the People’s Republic of China with the blessings of the U.S. State Department.

Marines in China shipped the bones per command for safekeeping, an adventuresome member of the detail subscribed to the view that a small fortune might be made from so valuable a find.

A cellmate during his life term on another charge takes up the rapport with academia and diplomacy, the lifer escapes to kill him and collect.

Peking Man is provided with a daughter to exhume his remains and transport them to Long Beach.


And the Horse Jumped over the Moon
Hawaii Five-O

A girl masterminds a heroin “snowfall” on the drug-parched islands. An untrustworthy junkie is killed to silence him, her young lover snatches the dope from a buoy where it is dumped from a syndicate freighter, hoists it into a small plane and parachutes with it onto the shore. Her older lover is the pilot, the junkie was a mechanic.

A buyer comes in from Detroit to witness a test run. The deal is made for millions, the girl has another plan, keep the dope, ditch the parachutist and hop a jet for the mainland. The young man bails out with it.

Five-O is on to the case almost at once, watches the test run on an FAA radar screen, and soon figures out the parachute angle.