It is not easily attained, it requires a certain background and a sensitive nature revealed by a leopard-skin rug and a hatpin, but all can be arranged.

A marvelously articulate and surrealistic film on courtship and marriage in a day.


Hey There

“The new Director” in jodhpurs and sombrero is Snub Pollard, the leading lady at the studio (Near-Famous Film Co.) is Bebe Daniels, she meets a fellow (Harold Lloyd) outside in the real world.

The front door is blocked by the studio boss, the extras have a way in of sorts, there’s work to be done around the lot.

From a slightly different angle there is RenÚ Clair’s Le Silence est d’or.


Fireman, Save My Child

BlasÚ Harold Lloyd crashes Fire Chief Snub Pollard’s ball, joins the Department when a man quits, rescues Bebe Daniels from a burning building, wins her hand, and extinguishes the flames with a single blow.

Projected at the wrong speed like Keystone Kops gone haywire, but with a terrific jazz score, one goddamn funny short.


A Chump at Oxford

Laurel and Hardy out of work, serving in a mansion, sweeping the streets, foiling a bank robbery, rewarded with “the finest education money can buy” (Big Trouble).

Oxford, where education is a newly-acquired third arm, or memory.

The New York Times thought it was mindless good fun, Variety found it mindlessly annoying, both missed the mark.

Goulding is one of the most aggressive and brilliant of the Laurel and Hardy directors, with a determined attack and a sustained inspiration come what may.