Attack of the Puppet People

They are miniaturized by a doll manufacturer to provide himself occasional company.

He takes them off the shelf for the odd party, tiny champagne bottle and all.

There are indications that the basis of the joke is Hollywood and its studios, but Gordon achieves a universal utterance.


Empire of the Ants

The swampland wasteland proposed development is a lady with a bullhorn and a free cruise to the back of nowhere, nothing but jungle and giant ants.

Gordon’s best effect comes after the long degradation of the swamp, suddenly the survivors are in the sheriff’s car on a highway. The inhabitants of the town are all, alas, slaves of the ants at a local sugar refinery.

A very droll sendup of fashionable frauds and their ant farms.


The Witching

An arcane mystery, the teaching of which could hardly be accomplished another way. The boss runs an entire town of witches (no children or old people), he moves a staffer there whose wife has a gift, she is to raise the boss’s late son from the dead in a rite of necromancy and take his place.

The town is called Lilith. Orson Welles achieves some of his grandest effects with scarcely more makeup than a pair of eyeglasses, the victim is Pamela Franklin.