Where Adam Stood

A very expert joke-teller (Shaggy Dog, dir. Gareth Davies) frames this over an hour of gravitas and gravamen, the cast and crew and location all lend their efforts to the task with great decorum and great ease and great dramatic skill, how young Edmund Gosse the poet and scholar triumphed in his early life over a particular dilemma posed by his circumstances.

This, as will be very readily seen, is closely related to The Barretts of Wimpole Street (dir. Sidney Franklin), but also and equally to Ken Russellís Mahler.

Abraham and Isaac and Charles Darwin (and Charles Kingsley) participate more or less indirectly.


The Billion Dollar Bubble

The Equity Funding scandal.

A film for television, made with great wit and acuity, gloried in and forgotten, so that the same thing happened all over again, verbatim.


Blue Remembered Hills

Kids in the war, played by adult actors.

They can take any part, squirrel-hunters who tire of the game, Eye-ties boxing-in a flaming enemy.

And so one of their number dies.

A tour de force.