That’s My Wife

The best friend (Mr. Laurel) in travesty as Magnolia the absconded missus to secure Mr. Hardy’s inheritance from Uncle Bernal.

It works out as a passionate spectacle in every nook and cranny of The Pink Pup, a ritzy nightclub, because a thieving waiter has dropped a rich dame’s diamond necklace down the back of the ersatz Magnolia’s dress.

Uncle Bernal goes home.


The Midnight Patrol

Do policemen think? “Somebody’s stolen the street!”

Laurel & Hardy on the beat.

“We’re just in the nick of time!”

“What time is it?”

In the second reel, they bust in and arrest Chief Ramsbottom.

“Pardon us, Chief, we only started this morning.”

“Send for the Coroner.”


Busy Bodies

Laurel & Hardy work at a sawmill, where amidst the craftsmen at electric saws they have a lot of trouble with things like windowframes of their own manufacture, and Ollie goes up the flue several years before Chaplin’s Modern Times, and fleeing the foreman their car gets neatly cut in half lengthwise.


Dirty Work

The central opposition is between two chimney sweeps (Laurel & Hardy) and a potterer after rejuvenation (a drop in the bath).

Hearth, rooftop and shotgun participate in the former’s work, while in the latter’s case it’s duck and tub and Ollie, who “descends a rung or two down the old evolutionary ladder.”


Oliver the Eighth

A dream in a barber’s chair about a barber and his business partner as a homicidal widow and her butler Jitters.

It takes place in the Laurel and Hardy Tonsorial Parlor, Ollie’s in the chair, having a shave.