Harry Black and the Tiger

A tiger hunt in India after a man-eater, from the author of Geordie.

Thus the flashbacks pass through a German POW camp and reach Scotland.

They terribly confused Howard Thompson of the New York Times, who didn’t understand anything about it at all, “apparently supposed to symbolize something.” Halliwell’s Film Guide admires the location filming but has the same trouble.

Harry has a stiff one from the war, tin or rather aluminium, the government calls him in. A beastly coward got him shot while escaping, gets him clawed now, and Harry’s in love with the fellow’s wife.

Rattigan has The Deep Blue Sea (dir. Anatole Litvak) for part of this, it is sharply played here by Stewart Granger (and the excellent tiger, described by Thompson as “magnificently tawny”), with Barbara Rush and Anthony Steel and I.S. Johar as the greatest tiger-tracker in all of India.