Quick Change

Or, The New York Minute. A calm, brilliant satire of Dog Day Afternoon in particular, and New York in general. The accomplishment of the directing is evident in the continuous stream of comic material, which shows the advantage of serenity in deadpan, but especially a general interest in the work. Technically, there's a coign of vantage here which permits lightning inventions on little themes out of a plethora of films from The Fortune to The Birds that seamlessly enter the scenes and depart. A terrific example of the rarity and ease is in a little shot early on, with Grimm in disguise haranguing Chief Rotzinger, who makes a face as he walks off next to the camera in a close variation on a great shot from 52 Pick-Up.

Or, dating Postmodernism from the first clown in the Let’s Make a Deal audience, and the long sleep of reason.