Pull My Daisy


The best gloss on this variation of Blake on the Book of Job is probably Harold Pinter’s play The Homecoming (or Molière’s Tartuffe, why not?). Robert Frank’s cinematography is really ideal, it’s the best of his photography put to use recording a three-act play by Jack Kerouac condensed by editing into a silent film, narrated then by the author and accompanied by David Amram’s music.

Gregory Corso and Allen Ginsberg lend their spirited “East Side Kids” performances to this, helped by Amram’s on-the-spot improvisations. Frank pans around (with the occasional tilt) on Alfred Leslie’s apartment, where Shelley’s Witch of Atlas meets a representative of religious hierarchy, with fruitful results for Kerouac’s fine improvisational style, which animates the film with high flights of poetic acumen and a comical delivery that’s quite familiar to fans of Lenny Bruce.