Breaking In

Forsyth’s deceptive style is the magician’s art par excellence. The three main lines of interest in his film are the two main characters and his own seeming na´vetÚ, all of which are constantly keeping it in motion with various gravitational forces, and you are not likely to notice the convincing picture he gives of Portland, Or. amid so much pleasantly focused comedy, particularly if you’re a critic.

One character is a nominal juvenile who breaks into houses when their owners are away, just to hang out. The other is an elder cracksman, and the two meet fortuitously one night. Certain details of the plot flesh them out, others define the structure even more extensively, and the story of their association is greatly amusing and superbly well-filmed.

In the final analysis, the youngster is in prison, looked after through the costly ministrations of the cracksman, who has moved on to Canada.