Cruise of the Zaca

Biting an apple, banana in hand, he takes off via Paul Mantz Air Services from his own front lawn “on the top of a hill in Hollywood”, the director and narrator and skipper (cf. Warren Beatty & Buck Henry’s Heaven Can Wait).

A voyage to see how the other half lives, evolutionarily speaking, as it turns out.

From Scripps in La Jolla through the Panama Canal (unfilmed for security reasons) to the Caribbean, in scholarly company.

“The sea was swarming with ‘em,” gray whales. “A traditional dance for the Zaca and her crew.”

In Trinidad, in Trinidad,

the women are good but the liquor is bad.


Deep Sea Fishing

“This hasn’t happened since Sitting Bull fought his first chair.”

Howard Hill’s bow and arrow land marlin (“tougher than sailfish”) and shark (“bad actor”) and assist at the taking of a sailfish (“plenty bigger than the Atlantic sailfish”) after one of the latter breaks his rod for him.

Off Acapulco, of “high cliffs and creamy seas”, transferred to a motor boat from the Zaca, repeating a shot from the earlier film.