Leprechaun 2

Cheerfully one records this cheerful bit of frippery eminently dignified by no other than Sandy Baron’s amazing resemblance to Charles Bukowski in this part (comparable to Allen Garfield’s similar turn as Ginsberg in Cyborg 2), and for another reason.

It may be much or little, but it returned 12.5% on a two million dollar investment. Drama has died on our stages for the cost (if not for any other reason), and even a bit of frippery in Hollywood requires a two million dollar outlay.

Hollywood, mark you, is a slum nowadays. Even bohemian garrets go for a premium there! “I wants me gold!” says the scheming dwarf on the eve of his millennial wedding, in a Hollywood “that now goes mainly backward.”


Idle Hands

The masterpiece of derision aimed at slackers found little favor with film critics, though it does offer the redemption of a bongful of marijuana and then heaven.

The original ending was a fascinating riff on Cat People, Altered States and Repulsion, which helped out the form but was not considered droll by the studio, the producers and the director himself, he tells us.

Flender is only ten or a hundred times the director Sonnenfeld or Columbus is, but that’s enough.