Knight without Armour

Commentary would be superfluous, one would think, but there is Variety objecting to a “labored” neutral view, which of course is DeMille’s in The Volga Boatman, furthermore complaining that the grounds of action are unexplained, in 1937. Then there is Time Out Film Guide’s “lavishly preposterous”, though for once Halliwell takes a sensible approach, citing Graham Greene, “a first class thriller, beautifully directed.”

Feyder’s harrowing film about the Russian Revolution goes a long way toward Lean’s Doctor Zhivago but has a life of its own in the terrible accuracy of its vision, the State dead, murdered by gangs, mobs, a futile organizational method, only a front.

The British Secret Service has an eyewitness to the events, he saves the life of a countess, they flee for their lives across Russia.