The Leader

Caje wounded, Sarge missing, no radio, “cut off and surrounded.”

Kirby in command.

The defensive position sustains a ferocious night attack at close quarters, with casualties.

“Kirby,” Doc observes, “whether we live or die tonight depends on you, and nobody else.”

His stratagem turns the tide, not that he cares for command.


Mission: Impossible

For the purposes of this impossible mission, The Great Paris is an unlearned fellow with a knack of reading minds, Phelps is a brain surgeon, Barney is a window-washer, Willy a drug merchant.

The mob bigwig has a junior hankering after the drug trade, but the source of power is blackmail, and the sting of that is in a wall safe. The bigwig has a stroke, he’s a big donor to brain research, the junior stumbles on a secret experiment to read the stricken man’s mind. This he accepts, thanks to great playing by Phelps and Paris. Willy hooks him on a large deal, all that remains is for Paris to open the safe prepared by Barney.

The moribund emerges from his coma, sizes up the situation and resolves upon a course of action forthwith. Paul Stewart is the mellowed benefactor, Donnelly Rhodes the glint-eyed man on the move.