Judge and Jury

The music is Mendelssohn’s Wedding March, just before waking a man sees himself in a dreamlike sequence while the credits play, an outlaw motorcyclist and his trollop in Hollywood, guns are drawn at a small store, the girl and several men are killed. The prisoner is awakened and escorted to the electric chair, he is executed.

The scene is now a school playing-field. Parents watch the scrimmage, a boy is ejected, his father descends from the stands to argue the decision...


The Conspiracy of Fear

Under the Hitchcockian rubric that governs all, an analysis of the descending-elevator shootout in Cassavetes’ Gloria reveals the source in Quine’s Hotel.

A USDA scientist is killed for his antivirus formula, biological warfare is the MacGuffin. His son is a jogger, headphones and all, who nearly collides with a lady car thief.

The past is a fiddling panhandler, the formula turns out to be a magazine called Beef, a microchip is in the son’s watch.

Christopher Plummer plays a colleague of the father’s looking out for the boy.