I, the Jury

A highly original masterwork on a beautiful theme, the gooseberry racket (art treasures, jewels) seized upon by a smart operator.

The structure goes neatly into Michael Anderson’s The Quiller Memorandum.

A boxing Mike Hammer, instantaneous and definite. The case gives him fits, “a head full of nightmares,” and then he wakes up.

This was to H.H.T. of the New York Times “pure baloney” in 3-D, yet (cinematography John Alton).

Variety, “not too strong... satisfactory”.

Leonard Maltin, “dark-humored... moody... stunning... eye-popping”.

TV Guide, “suffers from Elliot’s feeble performance”.

Halliwell’s Film Guide, “charmless... roughly made... devoid of plot or character interest.”

Christmas cards from the New York season.