The Attic
The Hiding of Anne Frank

With this, you get an additional perspective, a different cast (Steenburgen, Bron, Pickup, Raymond, Spinetti, Wilkinson), and Paul Scofield’s walk as Otto Frank returning through Amsterdam from the death camps.



The events of Gone with the Wind are essentially transposed to Ireland and England, a court trial fancies up a resolution not serious, Rhett and Scarlett as citizens of the world make a go of it.

The art direction is very successful at following the original in a fluent evocation, and won an Emmy (hair styling and cinematography were justly nominated).

Whalley and Dalton give Leigh and Gable just sufficiently to match the latter days of Tara, for example, amid a polished supporting cast that includes a fine performance by Brian Bedford as Mrs. Butler’s barrister, a notable turn and rare.


The Sunshine Boys

An extensive revision. Here, for television, they agree to appear in one scene of “a Warner Brothers feature”. The nephew is a niece.

This is particularly keen on the duo per se, a lot of tight business drops away twice, at the first reunion and in the last scene, to give a delicate motion that accounts for the mainspring of the play. Suburban Republicanism, downtown Democratics, long since gone their way (cf. First Monday in October), meeting incidentally, on a pretext, reminiscing, etc.

Peter Falk and Woody Allen, with Sarah Jessica Parker extremely skillful, Michael McKean conducting the test shots as a perfect dullard, and Liev Schreiber typically expert likewise as the ad director.


Too Rich
The Secret Life of Doris Duke

A dry, deadpan look at Doris Duke from a satirical point of view forming an objective correlative to the swish orchestral score and lonesome piano faked by Patrick Williams.

Very amusing caricatures light the way in a Vanity Fair come to life.


Victoria & Albert

The Crown is in disrepair, he gives his life in its service.

Thus the form and structure, two parts corresponding to her lady mother’s dislike of the king, Prince Albert’s tireless efforts.