Here Come the Monkees
The Monkees

More evidence of the genius at NBC during this period. As with Star Trek, the network sent the pilot back for further work. The original is said to exist, but the broadcast form tells something of the tale.

It’s an elevated teleplay on the rock ‘n roll dilemma. The great gag is, “I never thought I’d betray my country club this way, but you’re hired,” with a variant, “you sold out, sir. Your country club, and yourself.”

Rafelson is said to have gone back to the editing table, excised a band manager and, casting about for filler, ended the episode with screen test footage of Davy Jones and Mike Nesmith. He himself conducts the tests, slapping the clay quickly to test its characteristics.

Elliot has been described as a director of in-house commercials at Screen Gems.