The Attractive Nuisance
The Rockford Files

The title refers to the telescope on the roof of Rockford’s trailer, which, combined with a ladder leaning against the wall, is an enticement to a clumsy burglar who climbs up and falls off. An ambulance-chaser takes the case, and Rockford is sued for personal injury.

Only the burglar isn’t a burglar, he’s an electronics expert hired to bug Rockford’s home, as well as Rocky’s new business venture, the Summit Inn. The employer is a retired FBI man named La Salle, who’s been trailing a mobster named Vince Capobianco since the days of “Nessie” and Nitti.

Capobianco, also retired under the name of Whitehead, is Rocky’s business partner in the highway diner catering to gearjammers, and has a nephew named Vinnie operating a multimillion-dollar chop shop out in the back which Rocky hasn’t any clue about in the whole wide sweet world except the garlic in the salt shakers and every recipe the joint has to offer.