Parade, or Here they Come Down Our Street

Toys, toys of all kinds, a toy circus, filmed ingeniously, with music by John Philip Sousa. Characterizations of the original expression in each case, the idea made manifest, a marked influence, with Toccata for Toy Trains, on Clokey’s Gumby.


Two Baroque Churches

Here, if you like, is a study for qualifications, though this is really a prodigious work of acquirement by two designers of the modern style par excellence, looking at richness and effusiveness for the sake of expressivity, translated by the power of cinema into a play of forms along organically-conceived lines.


Toccata for Toy Trains

An ecstasy of dramatic contemplation, the camera utilized to do nothing but play with marvelous toy train sets filmed close up in front of picturesque backdrops to create a real work of art on the highest level.

Coppola borrowed one of its best gags for Finian’s Rainbow, train facing camera is viewed along its entire length as the camera passes through it.


IBM at the Fair

This kind of precision has a marked influence, again, on 2001: A Space Odyssey (dir. Stanley Kubrick), and then such a contemplation of time and space is an aspect of film only too unexplored.