One Love... Two Angels
Charlie’s Angels

The magnificent Barrows Hotel is the point at issue, Donnelly films in its interior to show the walnut elegance and stateliness of its somber ornament. Oliver Barrows plans to will it to the city, there is no heir. An attorney finds one in the person of Kelly, an infant daughter thought dead after an auto accident that killed Mrs. Barrows, but actually lost among hospital records, and now restored.

This saves the bacon of a nephew heavily pressured by Carver Industries for millions owed, the hotel is needed for a development on the block. He poisons Barrows to prevent a bequest to the city, Kelly now stands in ownership, if she acknowledges her inheritance.

She calls in Kris and Tiffany to clarify the matter. The attorney falls in love with Kelly, and also with Kris. The nephew now undertakes to murder Kelly by tampering with the accelerator on her car.

She survives the attempt on her life, which ends in a flying crash, and then is confronted with her lover’s sincere double romance. Bosley rebukes him for disrupting the team.

The attorney uncovers the truth of the financial maneuvers underway, and of his own part in the affair, he has been dealt a counterfeit hand and presently dies of the same poison.

Tiffany snoops around the Carver construction site in the guise of a reporter, the nephew recognizes her, a forklift crushes her car with cinder blocks at Carver’s orders. She, too, escapes.

Now Kelly is set up as bait for the poison, which is applied to a wine cork or hastily dropped in a drink, it simulates a heart attack. The attempt is made, Kris and Kelly both subdue the nephew, and both subsequently resign, but change their minds after all.

Tosca’s “recondite harmony” enters into the case by way of illustrating “a house divided”. Ray Milland is the hotelier, Robert Reed the nephew, Patrick Duffy the attorney.