les parapluies de cherbourg

The three movements of a Beethoven sonata, “Les Adieux”.

At that rate, an invaluable musicological treatise, in superaddition to its more patent virtues.

The daughter of the title house marries diamonds in Paris, one comes back from the wars to the Esso Service l’Escale Cherbourgeoise at Christmas.

Bosley Crowther of the New York Times, “wouldn’t get beyond a reader in Hollywood.Variety, “it takes nerve”. Time Out, “that’s not to say [it] is an exercise in whimsy.Catholic News Service Media Review Office, “the bittersweet story of heedless youth and the pragmatic demands of maturity are lovely but fragile and not to everyone’s taste.Jason Ankeny (All Movie Guide), “masterpiece”. Halliwell’s Film Guide, “pretty successful”, citing Georges Sadoul, “poetic”, and John Simon, “it would have made a little more sense...”