RoboCop 3

OCP is now a division of Kanemitsu, which has twin androids named Otomo. Delta City is the number-one priority, Rehab Police are instituted to depopulate the construction zone for relocation camps. Murphy sides with the resistance group, the Detroit Police join in, a battle royal is fought.

The decisive moment is when “my Joe’s gone over”, the mood at OCP is “fall of Rome”, executives jump out of windows or blow their brains out. Haskin’s The War of the Worlds exists by reference to the church scene, a hideout for the group.

It’s a question of blocking Murphy’s emotions and memories and attaching him to the Rehab unit, a laboratory assistant refuses.

Money gathers a cluster of children to block Murphy’s pursuit, cast on the street by the Rehab chief. Criminal punks are hired to replace the DPD, Otomo goes after Murphy.

Killer Cyborg RoboCop Slays Nuns (re-enactment), the TV news co-anchorwoman reads this and walks off the set (it’s preceded by a commercial for Johnny Rehab action figures, Kanemitsu brand).

Kanemitsu-san bows to Murphy, obviously not a “fat and lazy American”.