embarkation at all costs above the fraying time
with a fierce will a holy will and the blessing
of the great unsuspecting what overallness tempers
its sweet day in the fairness of a bright way also this
this too wondering wandering in a fair way to remember
also this too much remembering too much having forgotten
having remembered having forsaken forgotten verloren
brigade break ranks regroup reform surround inveigle
wail with joy bemoan with speaks and squeaks and
things like them there things whatsoever that whole
speak loudly speak volumes speak loudly speak over
the cloudsong drifting along the landscape going nowhere
it is recorded mountainously if not villainously at length
you ponder this so it is wonder it is merriment so
as to you and yours all together patiently all come
furious becoming apt and deft as Delft in dew
the ponderous bisque the mahlstick and a touch
a rare a very indefinably touch to the noggin
or the pate or the cranium a brow a nose a hair
you look you see its coming why not or you don’t see
you don’t care you which altogether wasn’t so yesterday
with a will well-sung from first to last in fury so
as to come very well very nigh the first-class position