Stand Up, Nigel Barton

The future candidate at Infant School and Oxford.

“Potter’s apparent willingness to be identified within his own works and to use this to generate controversy, mystification and confusion” is controversially, mystifyingly and confusedly argued by the BFI.

John Ford began Jack Cardiff’s Young Cassidy, here’s a fine tenor rendition of “I’ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen”.


VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, for Nigel Barton

The Labour Party candidate in a by-election following on the Conservative member breaking his neck on a jump in the hunt.

A great feast of politics that is simply the death of British politics, as in America Capra (State of the Union) and Ford (The Last Hurrah) had seen the end.


Where the Buffalo Roam
The Wednesday Play

Inside the perceptions of an illiterate young Welsh hooligan in Swansea, who loves the pictures.

“A ticket on the next plane to Abilene” is the charitably suggested therapy for him.


Shaggy Dog
Company of Five

The one about the man applying for an executive position and given a stress test, or rather the one about the extinct Rary, with a limerick variant that might be completed thus.

There was a young lady of Bristol

Who cocked her leg over a pistol.

She said, “it went in,

So I gave it a spin;

The balls were all made of lead crystal.”


Son of Man
The Wednesday Play

Rex Judaeorum.

Give Caesar what’s Caesar’s and God what’s God’s, says he, “and shut up!”

Potter follows Dreyer in seeing a Roman plan to destroy the fellow.

A “secular retelling”, according to the BFI, certain writers on Potter take this view.


Angels Are So Few
Play for Today

“Yesterday I saw the younger generation making colossal fools of themselves. I was in a bar and I saw the archangelical contortions of those young people of all sexes—and of no sex—who, like Saint John of the Cross, were precisely trying to get rid of their sex.” (Dali)