Who Killed Lamb?

He hires out temporary labor in Oxford, secretaries, typists, cleaners, a saint at the office, he’s found dead of a 9mm Browning.

New Scotland Yard sends a chief superintendent down on the train, to work with the local inspector, each has his sergeant, there are plenty of constables.

The fellow had another line of work, an out-of-town branch of the one in Dearden’s Victim, packets of money.

Town-and-gown, as it turns out (Merton College), in a way.

The chief superintendent (Stanley Baker) cracks it in a day, isn’t called sir, has an aversion to butterfly collectors and children, “all gruesome”.


Hedda Gabler

A very succinct image, the general’s daughter dead across the keyboard of her piano, having shot herself in the temple with the dueling pistol in her right hand, directly after a bit of Saint-SaŽns’ Danse macabre.

The play coincides with the death of Van Gogh.

“Adapted for Television by John Osborne”, which is mainly to say through-composed idiomatically and set before the cameras of Yorkshire Television with the greatest skill imaginable.