Gallows in the Wind
The Sixth Sense

A storm at the site of a small town (Chalmers, pop. 397) “destroyed in the great hurricane of 1893” brings a vision of death by drowning in a marble grave full of water, housed in a stone crypt, to a woman on vacation at Preston’s Lodge. Hurricane Betty develops, the vision recurs with a gallows and an executioner hooded in black. He fells a tree with a double-bladed axe, a tree crashes into the lodge.

Dr. Rhodes is among the guests, shares the intuition to some degree, and saves another woman when a tree crashes into the parlor. The crypt is a stone blockhouse nearby, built as a prison. It’s a storm shelter where all the guests are herded by the proprietor, who’s “never lost a roomer yet.” It collapses on him, all the guests have returned to the lodge on the evidence of the visionary’s intuition (the executioner unmasks as the proprietor).

“Usually a psychic vision is a distortion of reality,” says Dr. Rhodes. The atmosphere is similar to Huston’s Key Largo, with nightmare sequences often in slow motion.