Paris, exotic places by the Seine, browsing, discarded (Eiffel Tower, the view from the city), the boy.

The man, reading.


Jack’s Dream

A film of classic adventure in a few minutes. Happy hearth, sailing vessel gone to the bottom, a dragon assailing the lady, the loyal dog’s best efforts, a man o’ war on the horizon, happy hearth.

Hand puppets with feature film footage.


Rose Hobart

“And all is dross that is not Helena,” really Melford’s East of Borneo explained to critics.



What it seems to the mind of a youngster.


The Midnight Party

The mind of a youngster.


By Night with Torch and Spear

Great upturned caldrons that must be filled with liquid fire, the joy of the tribe, moonlight, germination, a companion on the hunt.


The Aviary

The park, where Mother Nature tends her children, “to one who has been long in city pent” (cp. Angel and Nymphlight).


Centuries of June

Your home town, house and city.



The rest of Keats’ poem (cp. The Aviary and Nymphlight).

Watching the sailing cloudlet’s bright career, 

  He mourns that day so soon has glided by:

E’en like the passage of an angel’s tear

  That falls through the clear ether silently.


A Legend for Fountains

Prelude to The Aviary, Angel and Nymphlight, which might well be shown in this sequence.

Ben Belitt’s Lorca, “Tu infancia en Menton”.



Combining The Aviary and Angel to give the whole of the sonnet.


Gnir Rednow

Any way you want to look at it (according to Brakhage), takeoffs and landings, in or out, flying around New York like Superman.