Valley B


saddle ‘em up mulepacks mule train
down the avenue away up the dusty trail
scraping the paint off the garde-fou or rail
beware the umbrellas sprouting under the rain
it’s spectacular for all along this wilderness
stood or ran among the monuments’ duress
or never saw anything worth even mentioning again

its streets in heaps its alleys full of garbage
strange luminescent parkways full of health
of a kind its way of unforeseeing cataleptic wealth
upon the dilatoriness of an age still in its dotage
while the dovecote still the dovecote keeps it current
upswept waveborne saddle-tramped amidst the torrent
gullying the paths sans unforeknowledge since the nonage

finally the thing moves its auburn rump we glide
upon the croup to see the trees primæval of the city
handsomeness in bounds nor leaving out the witty
remarkableness of the ocean glinting far and wide
away the towns afar the mountains and their solitudes
only the solitary waste here welcoming the dudes
come for reckless tour a mile in their pride