the gang’s all here


Malachi 4:6

what chance if this disordered art
dissemble all its mellow part
in such a rhyme-scheme as you see
graphed out in A and B and C
the wonder is (and heaven knows)
when the ancient gas lamp glows
“his eye is on the sparrow” thus

‘mid auto bike and city bus
for you and yours misunderstand
(the reasoning thus goes) this land
of ours this misbegotten whore
you might have met on weekend shore
leave sailor all this ruckus to us
we have means and ways from Lewis
unto Clark is this not Science
bound unto the common pliance
of the Times for instance (name
of what we hereabouts call game)?
relax it isn’t what you think
we all keep staying in the pink
somehow or other while you crawl
in your own despite wall-to-wall
as we remember it who knew
also days of pee and poo
and what it means to lumber why
we too have ponderously by
and by berailed our parents’ must
and turned away to our own rust