the ‘Blue Boy’



void the gallery appears

and its parquet

trigonometry of perspectival art

at the new century


what have you dispensed

withal what not


Admiral you have no sextant

mate no Morse Code


untenanted is not the sky



this I take it must be England


rare tenacious shrubbery

phantoms of libraries

like the one at Philadelphia


old men walked there

housed in doorsills

by reflection

his way as much

as to go along the narrow street

happenstance revealed to him


invaluable dignity

soured curded churned

into gladness


this is nothing more than exile

away from summering boards


Michael the Archangel


better is

to know him


come his equal-tempered sword

gilt-lain with pithy sayings

in a tongue of fary-fire


as it grammaticality hath

and declensions by the tonne

some do say


I am no good Publican

masters mine bethought



no parson neither

wake up Pompeii faun

in Villa Getty fountains

sleep again


toast hills and sea

in punch


you’ve been there

all winedark is the sea

a phenomenon which I have often noticed


Odysseus sailed over

the world’s edge quite

onto the Pacific


the function of art

Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship

to have a formal venue

for mind and body


says the travelogue writer

the diary keeper


O scapular of might

gainst the roadways

and cold necessities


barked like a dog for his supper

and no bone

well the disculpations

shall begin


guiding mariners

crest and fall among

lookout from thy

crow’s-nest gather

perfect measure

the sailor is not there

swept off by crashers

to sea

and gone


where is the ship no tell me again

by wire and wireless

I read you not


a tale to tell again

the doctor’s art

in the Crimea

would you like to know

would you not


the most delicate operation frees him

to go

you must needs find

the stitching of the whole

hangs together


widows and gibbets

a tableau if you like


and golden myth


what a potherb

you can thrive on that with myrrh

and frankincense and money


stood the mother

stark and staring

with a pain

past bearing

another boy he says

that’s the boy


ladders knelt so soft in dirt

weary of us bound in tedium

decanting sixteen stars redwinged blackbirds on the thorn

whither they had sung it

so melodious


even comes later now

Daylight Savings are in

travel not in the dark

we arm ourselves against it


the moon a pleasant place must be

governing our gatherings not

nor we have not talked this way

at long heuristic themes

is Vaughan that way you ask


starry mechanics of art

all we have achieved

have described


all that good description

a task like all others

bears witness

well and good


keeper of the true rock in candidness

I’ve all the cards in view

my gypsy mistress wardheels

all our fortunes says this card is for a reason

next this city state our country and the world

she traces all sidereality and the planetoids

and spheres and what astronomers do not know

as when internal guidance systems true

upon the realm between Betelgeuse and the lair of Satan seeking north

and there is something to be divined ought to out of all this happy cosmos

gladder in the addition