A true artist lives on hope, as long as he has a strong constitution.—GOMEZ ADDAMS


let the buyer beware says the genteel seller of goods

what you have you own

for as long as you have it

what you wear becomes you

so well


it is an apparatus a contraption

fit for us kings and such

like as we


in the long frame of a canvasback duck

milled as sheen as vibraty mallard

as another echoes

asleep on the pond


the scum also rises according to an old joke

it builds and maintains an equity

with the force

of sunlight and wind and rain

for it opportuneth

saith the bard

and it prevaileth unto all things

it is a sham but there you are


and the cattails suffer a pond-change

and are cattails no more

but other cattails rise to take their place


and when at night the moon indwelleth

along the place of the meniscus

lo it is given

unto all for a sign that readeth

hight no man is all conundrum