Boot Hill

La collina degli stivali is a classic Western that might have been directed by Joseph Kane. Its salient characteristic is a traveling circus of dancing girls, clowns, acrobats, and trapeze artists. The ringmaster is Lionel Stander, Woody Strode is one of the Flying Men.

Gunmen wound Terence Hill, he hides in a circus wagon. Others kill a young artiste.

Land-grabbing Fisher (Victor Buono) extends credit at his general store, scarifies the property owners and their relatives or kills them, then collects the renewable concession by default from the county commissioner (Eduardo Ciannelli), who is wise to these shenanigans but helpless, on his annual visit.

Hill has a friend’s deed, dynamite obliterates the last holdout. Hill has another friend (Bud Spencer).

The circus disbands at Abilene for want of custom, Hill and Strode and Spencer summon all the acts from their new jobs as beleaguered desk clerk, saloon waiter, whore and whatnot to give a special performance under the commissioner’s informed eye.

The dancing girls sing a new song inviting the audience to check what’s under their seats, Fisher and his men find razzers, the robbed miners each find a loaded revolver.

The Shakespearean playlet announced by the ringmaster presents the miners’ predicament in dumbshow, a boy wants to leave, his father is strangely interested.

The miners reclaim their town, Fisher is brought to justice, the ringmaster has the last laugh.

The Italianate tenor of the circus is bound to suggest Fellini’s I Clowns. The song was composed by the director and Riz Ortolani.

Titan Productions lent a unique grace to the English dub by mimicking Stander, Strode and Buono in absentia.

Colizzi has a magnificent spinning effect produced by walking an actor past the camera so that it pans toward him and dollies alongside him, i.e., from medium shot to close-up.